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Office Furniture Design Trends – 2018 

by greatriver office products | Jan 1, 2018  

Whether you’re furnishing a new office space or updating an existing one, keeping updated with current trends in office design and office furniture helps keep your company looking fresh. 

As we enter a new year, we wanted to give you a rundown on what is trending in the industry for 2018. Some trends you’ll remember from 2017 and others may surprise you!

 Simplified Spaces – Modern, clean lines. Open shelving. Light colored walls and fewer walls are all going to continue trending in 2018. It’s a take-off on the work efficiency tip to keep your space clean and less cluttered. The less clutter on your desk the easier it is to find what you need. Less physical clutter is also good for keeping mental clutter at bay. 

Non-Traditional Workspaces 

Fewer walls, more collaborative environments, and workstations that are set up for mobile workers are all in for 2018. This concept also applies to meeting spaces. Keeping your office extremely functional also means keeping portable and flexible meeting spaces available. Need a conference room? Set it up in minutes with portable furniture. 

Co-Working Spaces

 While you and I may be traditional and like a permanent workspace, many of the new college grads entering the workforce desire a flexible space. This aligns nicely with the Flexible Workstations noted above. Your office may also choose to maximize your office workspace and create more of a co-working environment where multiple mobile workers share the same space. This concept is taking flight in many office rental spaces that foster co-working. The collaborative environment is a cost-effective way for companies to stretch their rental dollars and it can offer a wonderful networking aspect. In offsite co-working environments, meeting people in other companies is a natural part of the environment. 


However, you choose to equip your workforce, making sure the desks and chairs they use are ergonomic and comfortable is imperative. Fitting your office space with adjustable desks and chairs gives flexibility in who uses the space. Stand up desk options are expected to continue growing in popularity. Sitting is the new smoking is more than just a catchphrase. It’s something companies must be aware of and act on in 2018.

Office Interior Design

Color is a choice! Making your work environment inviting and visually pleasing can make a difference in the productivity of your workforce. Color adds to your company brand and identity. . 2018 is bound to be a great year! 

Happy New Year to you!